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​Thank you for visiting the 4-HELP Knowledge Resource website at Oklahoma State University. 

This site provides step-by-step instructions and other support documentation to help you use computing and technology resources at OSU.

How to Use this Site

​Access the information on this site by clicking one of the four orange tabs below -- All by Service, Faculty, Staff, or Students. Under each tab, you will find more detailed information on a topic by clicking the + grouping icon, which will expand each topic area. Then, click a link to view related entries.

You can also use the Search function to help you find information. Start by clicking the search button located at the top right corner of this site. Enter one or more keywords in the search box to bring up a list of entries.


IT Resource Centers
Below are the various resource centers and knowledge entries that are available to view. Each heading below is a service (such as E-Mail, Web, etc.) that OSU IT provides.

Under the main component (highlighted in gray), expand a sub-component by clicking the + icon, then, click a link to view related entries.
 Administrative Technology Services
      expand Banner
      expand ID Card Services (Door Access, Meal Plans, Etc.)
                    Administration Access
                    Install Reader
      expand Security Certificates
      expand Time And Attendance Tracking Services
                    Self Service - Edit Timesheet
 Computer Lab Services
      expand Computer Labs
      expand Print Management
                    Station Locations
      expand Virtual Lab Services
                    Transferring Or Saving Files
 Data Storage Services
      expand Group Online File Storage
      expand Individual Online File Storage
                    Client Access
                    Client Access
                    Network Drive Mapping
 E-Mail Services
      expand Faculty And Staff
                    Account Setup (OSU Cowboy Mail)
                    Account Setup (OSU Exchange)
                    Account Setup (IMAP)
                    Account Setup (OSU Exchange)
                    Add Or Remove Multiple Subscribers
                    Edit Account
                    New Account Creation
                    Account Type - POP3, IMAP, Exchange, etc
                    Mailbox Migration
                    Send As Or Send On Behalf Of Mailbox Rights
                    Client Or Web Interface - Blocked Or Safe Senders
                    ProofPoint - Authentication
                    ProofPoint - Spamblocker Digest
      expand Students
                    Account Setup (IMAP)
                    Account Setup (Microsoft Exchange)
                    Account Setup (Microsoft Exchange)
                    Account Setup (IMAP)
                    Account Setup (OSU Exchange)
                    New Account Creation
                    Account Type - POP3, IMAP, Exchange, etc
                    Migrate Mailbox Items
                    Blocked Or Safe Senders
 Identity And Access Management Services
      expand Activation
      expand Authentication Services
                    Add Device
                    Mobile Application
      expand Orange Key (O-Key) Account Services
                    OSU Exchange - Forwarding Off Campus
                    Mobile Number
      expand Service Accounts
      expand Student Information Services (SIS)
      expand Web For Employees
 Instructional Technology Services
      expand Online Academic Services
      expand Online Classroom Delivery Services
                    Add Participant
                    Combine Courses
                    Instruction Request
                    Role Change Request
                    Incomplete Courses
                    Missing Courses
 IT Communication Services
      expand Online Directory
                    Department Information
                    Manage Editors
                    Directory Search - People
                    Directory Search - People
 IT Security Services
      expand Antivirus Protection Services
      expand Compliance
 IT Support Services
      expand Computer Recommendations
                    Laptop Or Notebook
                    Laptop Or Noteboook
      expand General Support Services
                    Operating System
      expand ID Card Production Services
      expand iSupport Services
                    Add New Customer
                    Incident Ticket
                    Create New Support Group
      expand Software Distribution Services
                    Microsoft Office - Installation Package
                    Download Instructions
                    Installation Instructions
                    Installation Instructions
                    Software Order
 Network Services
      expand Connectivity
                    Jack Activation Or Enable
                    Jack Repair
                    Wireless Router Policy
      expand Internet Access
      expand IP Assignment And Naming
                    New Entry
      expand Microsoft Lync
      expand Remote Access
 Telecommunication Services
      expand Local Services
                    Change Service
                    New Service
 Web Services
      expand Database Services
                    New Database Creation
      expand Development Services
                    Content Development
                    New Site Creation
                    Users And Permissions
                    Users And Permissions
                    Connection Settings
                    Connection Settings
      expand Online Collaboration Systems
                    New Site Creation
                    Recovering Deleted Items

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Tips 4-HELP

Lock Your Windows Session From The Keyboard


​Key Combination: ​    ​
Windows Key + L

To lock Windows and prompt for a password press and hold the Windows key, then press L.

When you log back in with your password, you will be at the same state that you were when you locked the session.

Be Sure Your Computer Is Using A Single Antivirus Program That Is Up To Date

OSU IT recommends the following free antivirus scanners for personal computers (depending on your operating system).
Microsoft Windows:
Sophos Antivirus 
Please note that most OSU owned computers already have Enterprise level antivirus software installed. Check with the OSU IT Helpdesk or your local IT group before installing one of the above on OSU owned computers as it is not advisable to install multiple antivirus applications on the same machine.

Do Not Install More Than One Antivirus Program Or Firewall On The Same Computer

Having multiple antivirus or firewall programs installed at the same time can cause unpredictible results (such as slow response time, slow Internet browsing, Internet connectivity issues, etc.).

Display The Windows Desktop From The Keyboard


Key Combination:
Windows Key + ​D

Press and hold the Windows key, then press D on your keyboard.

This will minimize all windows to the taskbar.

Obtain Free Software Downloads From The OSU IT Software Distribution Center

By being a current student, faculty, or staff member at Oklahoma State University, you can download software from the OSU IT Software Distribution Center:


Log into the above site by using your O-Key credentials.

You can also have some software titles ​mailed to you. A small fee for the physical media may be charged to your Bursar account.

Ensure That Your Computer's Operating System Is Up To Date

Connect to the Internet and then, depending on your operating system, do the following:

For Windows Users (XP To 7):

​Click the Start button, choose All Programs, and then open Windows Update. When the new window appears, click Check For Updates.

For Mac OS X Users (10.1.X and above):

Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select Software Update from the list.

Things You Can Do To Keep Your E-Mail From Reaching Maximum Quota

  • ​Archive older messages from the e-mail server to your local hard drive.
  • Delete large attachment files within e-mail messages.
  • Empty the Deleted Items folder.
  • Empty the Junk E-Mail folder.

Receive A Discount On Dell And Apple Computers

By being a current student, faculty, or staff member at Oklahoma State University, you can receive a discount on Dell and Apple computer hardware.

Click here for more information.

Display The Mac OS X Desktop From The Keyboard

Key Combination:
Option ​+Command ​+ M

Press and hold the Option and Command keys, then press M on your keyboard.

This will minimize all windows in Mac OS X while in the Finder.

Search 4-HELP Content From Your Microsoft Windows Desktop

​Download the OSU IT 4-HELP Search Gadget for Windows below:

OSU IT 4-HELP Search Gadget

OSU IT 4-HELP Simple Search Gadget

Please Note: To use the Sidebar Gadget, you will need either Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed as your Operating System. After you have downloaded and opened the ZIP archive, read the Directions text file included with the tool for further setup instructions.

Students Using Orange Mail Should Forward Their Cowboy Mail Account

Students who opted to use the Orange Mail system in Orange Key should setup their Cowboy Mail mailbox to forward messages to their @okstate.edu account or they may not receive all of their e-mail messages.

Click here for directions on forwarding your Cowboy Mail account.

Search Text On Web Pages, In Documents, And Other Applications

On most (not all) Microsoft Windows applications, you can search for a word or phrase by holding down the Control (CTRL) key and pressing F on the keyboard.


This will bring up an input box that you can type text into to search the current window (such as a web page, document, etc.).

Snap Windows To A Side Of The Screen In Microsoft Windows Seven

​Key Combination:

 ​Windows Key+ Left Arrow


Windows Key+ Right Arrow
To snap an active window in Windows Seven to the left or right side of the screen, press and hold the Windows key, then press the arrow key direction that corresponds to the side of the screen that you want to send the window to.
Pressing the key combination multiple times will cycle through ​the locations where the window can be snapped to.

Maximize The Selected Window In Microsoft Windows Seven

​Key Combination: ​ ​

Windows Key + Up Arrow

​To maximize the selected window, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the up arrow key.
This will maximize the selected window to fill the screen.
You can also click and drag the window to the extreme top of the screen with your mouse.

Restore\Minimize The Selected Window In Microsoft Windows Seven


​Key Combination:

 Windows Key+ Down Arrow

​To restore\minimize the selected window, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press the down arrow key.​

Open A New Browser Window From A Link

In Microsoft Windows, If you hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then click a link on a web page, most browsers will open the content in a new window or tab.

Never Give Your Password To Anyone

OSU IT will never ask for your password. Do not give your password to anyone.​ If you get an e-mail that asks you for your account password, it is spam. If you get an e-mail that asks you to go to another site that asks you for your password, it is spam as well.

If It's Important, Back It Up To Multiple Locations

Make backup copies of important files to multiple sources.

Your OSU Home (H:\) drive, USB storage devices, CDs\DVDs, Cloud Storage Services, or even e-mailing yourself a copy are some examples. 

Do not rely on only one source. It is recommended to have a minimum of three backup locations for important files.

How To Take A Screen Shot Image On Microsoft Windows

To take a screen shot image of your Microsoft Windows desktop, press the Print Screen (or PrtScn) key on your keyboard. If you hold down the ALT key and then press the Print Screen key, the screen shot will only be the window that is currently selected​.

How To Take A Screen Shot Image On Mac OS X

To take a screen shot image of the entire screen, Press Control + Shift + 3 from the keyboard.

To select an area of the screen, use the key combination Control + Shift + 4. The mouse cursor should then appear as a +. Click and hold the mouse and drag a box around the area of the screen that you wish to capture.

Screen shot images are saved to the desktop.

Open Computer, My Computer, or Windows Explorer From The Keyboard On Microsoft Windows

​To open the file manager system in Microsoft Windows (Computer, My Computer, or Windows Explorer) and access items on your Hard Drive, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, USB, etc. use the following keyboard combination: 

Windows Key+ E​

Press and hold the Windows key and then press E on your keyboard.

Lookup Contact Information Through The OSU Online Directory

To lookup contact information (such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, office locations, etc) for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Departments on campus, visit http://directory.okstate.edu.​

Open A New Tab From The Address Bar In The Safari Browser

To open a new tab in Safari without deselecting your current tab, type the desired web address in the address text field, hold down the Command key on your keyboard, and then press Enter.

The above tip will only work on the Mac OS X edition of Safari.

Switch Between Multiple Open Applications In Microsoft Windows

​The following key combination will switch to another open program within Microsoft Windows:

Alt + Tab

Hold down the Alt key and then press Tab on the keyboard. If you continue to hold down the Alt key and then press tab multiple times, you can cycle between several open applications.

View Information About Your Microsoft Windows Based Computer

The following key combination will open the System Properties in Microsoft Windows:​ 

Windows Key
+​ Pause

The System Properties window contains information such as the version, edition, and system bit type of Microsoft Windows as well as the computer's name, activation information, etc.

Close A Window From The Keyboard In Microsoft Windows

The following key combination will close an open program in Microsoft Windows:​

Alt + F4

By holding down the Alt key and then pressing F4 (located in the top row of your keyboard), the currently selected window will close.

Move Between Fields On A Microsoft Windows Application From The Keyboard

On most Windows applications and web pages, you can move forward through fields by pressing the Tab key. 

To move backwards through fields on a Windows application, press and hold the Shift key, then press Tab.​

Receive E-Mail Notifications Of OSU IT Outages Or Scheduled Downtimes

​To receive an e-mail when an OSU IT service is scheduled for downtime or when an unexpected outage occurs, subscribe to the OSU IT Announcements ListServ.  

Send an e-mail to listserv@listserv.okstate.edu and include the text "subscribe ITANNOUNCEMENTS" (without the quotes) followed by a space and then your first and last name in the body of the message. 

You can also click the link below if your e-mail application is not web based:

Subscribe To OSU IT Announcements

Receive Free Microsoft Software By Being A Student, Staff Or Faculty Member From Microsoft

​Microsoft provides free software to those who are affiliated with an academic institution through the Microsoft DreamSpark website.

Visit the following website, and register with your @okstate.edu e-mail address:


Please note that DreamSpark is a Microsoft service and is not directly affiliated with or supported by Oklahoma State University or the OSU A&M system. Additionaly, review the license agreement before installing software from DreamSpark and ensure that the software meets university policy if installing on an OSU owned computer.

Review OSU IT Service Outages & Scheduled Downtime Announcements Online

​Visit the IT Announcements website to review IT news, scheduled downtimes, virus alerts, and unexpected outage\service interruptions:

Switch Between Multiple Open Applications In Apple Mac OS X

Use the following key combination in Apple Mac OS X to switch between open programs: 

Command + Tab​ 

Press and hold the Command key then press Tab on the keyboard. To cycle through multiple programs in the list, continue to hold the Command key and press tab again. Release both keys to bring focus to the application.

Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

​Sometimes simply rebooting a computer or device can resolve an issue.